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The Masonic Charitable Fund

The Fund is set up as a Singapore Trust and is registered as a charity with the Commissioner of Charities, Singapore.

The Trustees shall be not less than 6 nor more than 10. The Trustees together with the Secretary and Treasurer are appointed by the District Grand Lodge of the Eastern Archipelago and comprise both freemasons and non-freemasons. The criteria used for the appointment is capability and dedication.

The Patron of the Fund is The District Grand Master of the Eastern Archipelago.

Even after Singapore government subsidies, there are parents that struggle to pay for fees and other expenses of educating their children, particularly in respect of higher education. The result is that a number of children drop out of the education system early and never achieve their maximum potential. Some will obtain lower grade jobs others may end up unemployed and in some cases as problem members of society.

The Fund will work with educational establishments to identify those students that are needy and are unable to find funds from other sources.

We will also work with registered charities, particularly those that help disadvantaged children and young people to overcome the barriers they face to achieving the best possible start in life.

Finally, we will consider individual applications via Masonic referrals of educational financial assistance for needy students.

Partnerships and Fund Disbursements

Our Partners

Being an educational charity, the MCF will establish partnerships with selected educational institutions. These will be the beneficiaries of fund disbursements from donations raised by the MCF for financially disadvantaged students.

The MCF has already developed a partnership with the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) where it has established the Masonic Charitable Fund ITE Bursary. Bursaries covering fees, book expenses, travel and living allowances are provided for ITE students who face financial difficulties. Additionally, in a recent Covid-19 related initiative, MCF raised over $40,000 to assist ITE students who face financial hardship caused by the onset of Covid-1. This was matched by a 1-to-1 co-funding from the government thereby doubling the impact of our donation.

MCF is currently exploring partnerships with other educational institutions to ascertain funding of bursaries directly and/or through endowment funds. Moreover, the MCF is establishing contact with Volunteer Welfare Organisations and Social Agencies to look into potential educational assistance programmes in which it can participate.

All our partnerships and individual applications will go through a due diligence process to ensure that the financial assistance provided can be properly justified.

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