Our Mission


To provide scholarships and other assistance to needy and deserving students in Singapore, regardless of race, creed or religion, and to advance their education in universities, polytechnics, technical institutes, vocational institutes, colleges and schools in Singapore.


To provide grants for research to Singapore Institutes of higher learning.


For the benefit and advancement of education and research and training in Singapore.

help is our main goal!

Even after Singapore government subsidies, there are parents that struggle to pay for fees and other expenses of educating their children, particularly in respect of higher education. The result is that a number of children drop out of the education system early and never achieve their maximum potential. Some will obtain lower grade jobs others may end up unemployed and in some cases as problem members of society.


Message from Chairman

“Charity is a cornerstone of Freemasonry. This is ingrained in a Freemason from the moment he joins the fraternity. Thus, individually and through their respective lodges, Masons have been generous in supporting a myriad of deserving causes.

During Singapore’s Bicentenary celebration in 2019, the District Grand Lodge of the Eastern Archipelago announced the establishment of the Masonic Charitable Fund [MCF] to project our Charitable activities on a national scale with a specific focus on supporting the Education sector.

This is indeed a milestone for Freemasonry in Singapore. The MCF intends to play an active role in providing financial assistance to deserving students across a wide cross -section of educational institutions and other related causes.”

Dr. Brian Shegar

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