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Please note, Masonic Charitable Fund does not accept unsolicited requests for funding.

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Frequently Ask Questions

The Masonic Charitable Fund (MCF) was established to profile the Freemason fraternity for educational charity in a coordinated and impactful manner. Freemasons have a duty to provide charitable relief and comfort whenever possible. The MCF provides a well-structured platform officially approved by the authorities in the form of a Trust under the Commissioner of Charities and the Ministry of Education.

As major contributions come from Freemasons, donations can be channeled through the respective lodges or done individually by Masons. The public can also make donations through the MCF. Donation forms are available in this website.

Needy and deserving children, regardless of race, creed or religion are eligible either through our partnering educational institutions, Volunteer Welfare Organisations or through direct applications. A parent and or the child must be a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident and the study must be in a Singapore educational establishment.

Providing bursaries, scholarships and purchase of books and other assistance, which may be required to help a disadvantage child achieve the education that he or she deserves.

By donating through this website or through your respective lodge.

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Donations can be done directly or via the lodges through cheque or bank transfer