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Entrusting The Masonic Charitable Fund

They say, Nothing lasts! But an MCF Bursary lives in Perpetuity. A Freemasons’ legacy matters. Planned gifting is a simple and convenient way to show that you continue to care and is now popular with our senior Brethren, who wish to leave an impactful legacy to society. This gives you control on how you manage your assets to support your cause, without affecting your current financial standing.

Your suggestions, have culminated in #WilliT, which is YOUR Legacy Education Bursary, made in perpetuity or as a once-off gift to the children via MCF from your CPF or Life Insurance or a Will only for Brethren aged 70 and above. You may even want to name it in memory of someone special to you and have it last in Perpetuity.

Making A Bequest Through CPF

To nominate The Masonic Charitable Fund, please fill in the following information under Section 2 of the CPF’s nomination form:

Name: The Masonic Charitable Fund

UEN: T19CC0001B

Type of Entity: Society

Mailing Address: Freemasons’ Hall, 23A Coleman Street, Singapore 179806

Email Address: admin@mcfsg.org

Relationship to CPF member: Optional

Making A Bequest Through An Insurance Policy

If you would like to educate children through The Masonic Charitable Fund through your insurance policy, please indicate the following information in your policy nomination:

Name: The Masonic Charitable Fund

UEN: T19CC0001B

Email Address: admin@mcfsg.org

Making A Bequest Through A Will

You may want to educate children and bequest to The Masonic Charitable Fund by a suitably worded provision in your Will. 

Below is a recent example:

I hereby give, devise and bequeath to The Masonic Charitable Fund (UEN: T19CC0001B) a sum of $ _____ for its general purposes/ a Bursary (state name).

As we assist you to ensure that legalities are complied, our MCF team of legal advisors will be happy to discuss further with your lawyer so that your Legacy is as envisioned. 

Should you wish the MCF Voluntary Legal team to do your will pro bono, we will be delighted to assist.


Capt. Rajash Singh: +65 9179 6362

"Their future is calling and we Thank You for helping the young."

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