June 2023

MCF Event

Singapore Freemasonry’s Role in the Community: Reflections by MCF’s Founder

During the recent Semi Annual Communication of the District Grand Lodge of the Eastern Archipelago (DGLEA), the founder of the Masonic Charity Foundation (MCF) took the stage to reflect on the profound role of Singapore Freemasonry in the community. The founder’s reflections shed light on the core values and contributions of Freemasonry, emphasizing philanthropy, fellowship, and personal growth.

MCF Event

Preserving a Legacy of Philanthropy

The unveiling of the MCF Board of Donations on June 8th 2023 marked a significant moment, capturing the enduring philanthropic legacy of Lodges and Masons in collaboration with the Masonic Charitable Foundation. This permanent record stands as a testament to their generosity, with gratitude extended to the Masonic Hall Board and WBro Ashwin Kantilal for their invaluable support in bringing this important project to life.