Preserving a Legacy of Philanthropy

On the 8th of June 2023, a significant milestone was reached as the MCF Board of Donations was unveiled by RW Bro Sir David Wootten, Deputy Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE). The ceremony, attended by RW Bro Dato Jeyaraj, our esteemed Patron, MCF Trustees, brethren, and guests, marked a momentous occasion in the history of the Masonic Charitable Fund (MCF). This board stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of Lodges and Masons, capturing the enduring impact of their philanthropic endeavors. Dr. Brian Shegar, Chairman of the MCF, expresses his deepest gratitude to the Masonic Hall Board for co-funding the project, and to WBro Ashvinkumar for his invaluable contributions in designing and managing the construction of the Board.

Preserving a Legacy of Generosity:

The MCF Board of Donations holds a significant purpose within the Masonic community. It serves as a permanent record, safeguarding the memory of all endowments and bursaries initiated in conjunction with Lodges and individual Masons since the inception of the Masonic Charitable Fund. The board stands as a powerful symbol of the Masonic fraternity’s unwavering commitment to charitable causes, ensuring that their contributions will be remembered and celebrated for generations to come.

Unveiling the Board:

The unveiling ceremony, led by RW Bro Sir David Wootten, was a moment of great pride and honor. As the Deputy Grand Master of UGLE, his presence emphasized the significance of the occasion and highlighted the strong bond between Freemasonry and philanthropy. Alongside him was RW Bro Dato Jeyaraj, the esteemed Patron of the MCF, who has consistently championed charitable initiatives and encouraged the Masonic community’s involvement in uplifting society.

Acknowledging Collaborative Efforts:

The successful realization of the MCF Board of Donations owes much to the collaborative efforts of various individuals and organizations. Dr. Brian Shegar, Chairman of the MCF, expresses his heartfelt appreciation to the Masonic Hall Board for their generous co-funding support, without which the creation of this important record would not have been possible. Their commitment to preserving the Masonic legacy through this board exemplifies the unity and shared values within the Masonic community.

The Role of WBro Ashvinkumar:

In addition to the Masonic Hall Board, special recognition is extended to WBro Ashvinkumar for his invaluable contributions. With his expertise in design and project management, WBro Ashvinkumar played a pivotal role in bringing the MCF Board of Donations to life. His dedication and unwavering commitment ensured that the board was constructed to the highest standards, befitting its role in commemorating the charitable endeavors of Lodges and Masons.


The MCF Board of Donations represents a remarkable milestone for the Masonic Charitable Fund. With its unveiling, the Masonic fraternity’s long-standing tradition of philanthropy and support for charitable causes is celebrated and enshrined for posterity. This board will forever bear witness to the generosity and compassion of Freemasons, reflecting the profound impact they have made on society. As we express gratitude to those who made this board possible, we honor the Masonic community’s commitment to creating a positive difference in the world.

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