Fundraising For ITE

On 15 June 2020, MCF launched its maiden educational financial assistance programme by signing an agreement with the Institute of Technical Education [ITE]. A sum of S$60,000 will be disbursed in two equal yearly instalments of S$30,000 each. The S$60,000 donated by the MCF is matched equally with a S$60,000 donation by the Government making the financial injection into ITE a total of S$120,000.

The first instalment of S$30,000 has been disbursed to ITE which will fund The Masonic Charitable Fund Bursary Awards. Each award will be worth S$2,400 granted to needy students over 2 years by paying a monthly allowance of S$200 per month.

During 20th May to 30th June, MCF conducted fundraising for ITE students impacted by the economic consequences of COVID19. A sum of S$62,819 was raised by MCF comprising a donation of S$20,000 from MCF and generous contributions from Masons and well-wishers. The matching 1:1 contribution of S$62,819 from the Government made the financial contribution to ITE a total of S$125,638.

MCF is currently collaborating with 5 other educational institutions for financial grants and an Endowment Fund.

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