Republic Polytechnic (RP) & The MCF Inked A Donation Agreement

Republic Polytechnic (RP) is appreciative to The Masonic Charitable Fund (MCF) for signing a gift agreement on Tuesday, June 22, 2021.

This agreement, signed by RP Principal/CEO Mr. Li Pheow Yeo and MCF Chairman Dr. Brian Shegar, allows us to sponsor six students with bursary grants this academic year. Mr. Michael Gray and Dr. Yip Wing Kong, trustees of MCF, attended the occasion, as did Mr. Chong-Han Boo, Deputy Principal (Student Services and Organisational Development). We intend to continue this collaboration in order to help our students reach their goals without financial stress.

Speaking on our new partnership, Dr. Shegar said, “Freemasonry was introduced to Singapore in 1845. Sir Stamford Raffles was himself a Freemason. #Charity is a cornerstone of Freemasonry and actively practiced by Masonic lodges. The MCF was established in 2019 as an educational charity to provide financial assistance to disadvantaged students studying in local universities, polytechnics, colleges of fine arts and ITE. RP was chosen as a partner because it provides quality and relevant skills training to Singaporean youth, many of whom face challenging economic conditions.

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